Monday, July 18, 2011

Is the 2011 Fantasy Football Season Coming?

If you have been watching the news or reading your favorite football news sites on the internet, you may have heard that both the players and the owners have been meeting on a regular basis to discuss a deal that would end the lockout and get football started once again.

But there is also some talk that the negotiations, while frequent are still not going as well as everyone had hoped and that both parties could be a long ways away from coming to an agreement. Time is clearly ticking for the start of the season and some important milestones for playing games are coming up quickly so a deal has to be reached soon.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, you may want to wait until after a deal has been reached to attempt to draft your fantasy football team. With there being a lot of uncertainty as to free agency and how it will be conducted as well as what is happening to certain players during the offseason is waiting to draft your fantasy team good advice?

But of course, the biggest question right now is whether or not the NFL is going to get a deal done by the time they are supposed to start playing games and by the time you have your fantasy football draft.

Consider these triggers and milestones for the upcoming season.

The Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams were to start training camp a week earlier than the other teams in league to kick off the start of the NFL preseason. Their start date is supposed to be the 22nd of July. They are scheduled to play in the Hall of Fame game on the 7th of August and it doesn’t look that game is going to happen.

So what happens now? Does the NFL push the preseason out and keep those preseason games while starting the season a little later? Do they nix some or all of the preseason games and jump right into the season? Do they take a few games off the regular season in order to get properly ready for the regular season?

Anything is possible as the two sides continue to negotiate a deal. Fantasy football fans will be keeping a close eye on the negotiations as the sides get ever closer to a deal and the offseason can officially begin. Once that agreement is signed we will all know much more about how things are going to turn out with free agency and the regular season.

So what does this have to do with fantasy football? Free agency is still going to have to take place before the preseason so there are some changes that will be made by some of the players that will be eligible for free agency. If you have already had your fantasy draft you may want to take a look at what you have done and make some changes. If you haven’t had your fantasy draft then you should be in very good shape.

So never fear fantasy football fans. A deal is almost here and there will be a full season of football (and fantasy football to enjoy). It’s about time that the owners and the players realized that they cannot continue to stay stuck in neutral like they have been for the past few months. They have almost ruined a good thing and hopefully they will be able to bring the league back stronger and better than it was before.

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