Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you Ready when the Lockout Ends?

As I had mentioned in my last posting, publishers are starting to roll their fantasy football magazines out already this despite the fact that the NFL lockout goes on. The lockout is a big roadblock in the path to the start of the 2011 NFL season but if the players and the owners keep talking like they have been it’s possible that this lockout could be over in time for the season to start.

That would be a great thing.

There are some well known fantasy football sites, being one of them, that are already signing people up for the new fantasy football season. Sure it’s exciting to start seeing that happen but there are a lot of people out there doubting that the season is actually going to start on time. So why sign up for fantasy football now? Why not wait until we know that the league is actually going to have a season this year?

If you are a serious fantasy football fan you may have seen the lockout as just a minor annoyance on the path towards one of your favorite things in the world. Perhaps you are already preparing for the upcoming fantasy football season without being sure that there will actually be a season.

Well there will be an NFL season and your time to prepare for your upcoming fantasy football season is now. You should start taking looks at players that you know aren’t going to be going anywhere and thinking about whether or not you want to draft them. You might also start looking at the teams that have new head coaches and try to figure out if and where you want to draft any of those players.

Remember, players from teams with new head coaches haven’t had a chance to learn the new system that they will be in so that will stunt their progress at least to start the season. You may want to be wary of those players and if you draft one of those guys you should realize that you may have to be ready to leave them on the bench until things straighten themselves out.

The rumor right now is that the league and it’s players are close to an agreement and that something could get done by the start of July. So if you are preparing for your 2011 fantasy draft then keep it up because eventually football will come and you just might be better off than your fantasy partners are.

So buy those fantasy football guides, read as much as you can about the upcoming fantasy football season and be prepared. The fantasy football season will happen and if you aren’t ready you won’t be winning much next season.

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