Monday, May 2, 2011

Fantasy Football Insider: Who Could be the Top Fantasy Quarterback in 2011?

It’s true, we haven’t seen anything happening in terms of preparations for the 2011 season thanks to the lockout. We can only assume that so far, things are going to be similar to what they were in 2010 and that there isn’t going to be a whole lot of movement in the league this offseason.

If that is indeed the case then it will be much easier figuring out who the top quarterbacks will be in fantasy football next season. Just take a look at those players that finished at the top of the league in fantasy passing last year. They include Philadelphia’s Michael Vick, Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning and New England Patriot Tom Brady.

We know that these teams may not see that much change depending on what happens with this on again off lockout. If there isn’t any free agency which is always possible then the top quarterbacks from last year should remain pretty much the same this year. If there is some kind of free agency then yes things will change.

So ultimately, who will be the top quarterbacks next season? Let’s take a look at those players that should be the top five fantasy quarterbacks in 2011 (in no particular order).

Peyton Manning-Indianapolis Colts-Granted, Manning did end up having a down season last year and that was a direct result of some injuries to his key receivers and the fact that fourth and fifth string players were playing as starters on a regular basis. With good health at the receiver position he should excel this season.

Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints-Brees continues to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL despite some of the handicaps that he has had at the receiver position. If their defense can keep things at bay on their end then Brees should have a good season and could be either the second or third quarterback taken in most fantasy drafts next year.

Tom Brady-New England Patriots-The Patriots have one of the best offenses in the NFL year in and year out and Brady will be one of the most sought after quarterbacks in fantasy football again next season. He remains a solid option and has the weapons to have yet another good season with New England.

Matt Ryan-Atlanta Falcons-The addition of Julio Jones is going to make the Falcons passing game much better in 2011 and with that Ryan should see an increase in production. The Falcons will be aiming for the Super Bowl this season as they are close to reaching their goal so look for a lot of good numbers out of Ryan.

Michael Vick-Philadelphia Eagles-Vick won’t have to worry about someone trying to take his job (i.e. Kevin Kolb) as he has that starting job locked up and ready to go. Look for him to have another productive season in 2011 and if the team has their weapons put into place and healthy he could be hard to stop next season.

So keep your eye on these quarterbacks as they should be the top players that you should have interest in heading into the 2011 Fantasy Football season.

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