Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Top Fantasy Prospects: Quarterbacks

Despite all of the problems with the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, there is still going to be a draft this year and if there is no agreement signed by the time the draft takes place then it could be a very interesting draft.

All of this has a direct affect on what happens on your fantasy team in 2011. The draft will give you additional options to stock your team with and there could end up being a breakout star or two in these groups.

The first position that we will look at is the quarterback position. While many may think that first year quarterbacks aren’t ideal to draft after watching what Sam Bradford did last year, it might be a good idea to either draft a quarterback late in your fantasy draft or keep an eye on one in case you need to pick up a second starter later on in the season.

Listed here are the top six quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL Draft (not in any particular order):

1. Blaine Gabbert
2. Cameron Newton
3. Ryan Mallett
4. Jake Locker
5. Ricky Stanzi
6. Colin Kapernick

It’s a safe bet that all of these players will be drafted and the higher they go the better chance they will have to play.

The most NFL ready quarterbacks coming into the draft are Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker. Both have the skill to make an instant impact on the NFL team that they end up with especially if there is an opportunity for them to start or come into the lineup later on in the year to play.

Of course drafting or adding one of these quarterbacks without knowing their situation going into the NFL (especially without knowing what team they are going to) is always a risk but it never hurts to keep an eye on some of these guys as they may end up being a good second option on your fantasy team next season.

Watch those quarterbacks that are taken in the first round because they will have the best chance to start. They will most likely land with a team that is either trying to find and groom a new quarterback (such as the Seattle Seahawks or the Washington Redskins) or they could come to a team that needs a quarterback right away (like the Minnesota Vikings).

Watch training camps to see which rookie quarterbacks have the best chance to start and then make your picks carefully in your fantasy draft (if you decide to take a rookie quarterback). Remember that rookies struggle (with some exceptions) during their first year so drafting them may not always be a good option.

Still, keep an eye on these quarterbacks next year because if there is an injury or if they are handed the reigns and could possibly land as a good second option on your fantasy team.


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